Manipulators (Poem)

I hid the truth behind my smile,

I spoke kind words when I didn’t trust you,

I was suspicious of you as I put on a smile,

Every experience and feeling said not to trust you,

Still I put on a smile.


I tried to trust you,

I tried to give you another chance,

I tried to convince myself that I was wrong about you,

I wanted to give you another chance,

Then you went and showed me why I couldn’t trust you.


You had a nice image,

Yet deep inside I felt there was another side of you,

We both tried to show our nice image,

Still I wasn’t fooled by you,

I couldn’t continue with the nice image.


I dislike manipulators,

Thus, I disliked myself when I didn’t show my true side,

You didn’t even seem to feel bad for acting like the manipulators,

I sometimes felt bad for not showing my true side,

Yes, I guess people who manipulate are heartless manipulators.


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