Pain (Points)

Vicks vaporab_s


My body hurts a lot at times because of anxiety or should I say stress since anxiety is stress. Therefore, my love massages my body a lot in order to lessen or remove the pain. However, I think it’s important to know your body in order to tell the other person where to massage if they don’t know where to massage. I’ve been trying to understand pressure points for many years, but it wasn’t until I got involved with my love that I understood a little bit more. You see massaging myself wasn’t the same as when someone massages me. Still having someone else massage is also different. Basically, I think the feeling is much better when it’s someone you’re involved with instead of a stranger because they are able to touch you better.

Anyways, I massaged myself for years, but I never really paid attention to my body. I never realized that the points in the body could feel tight, but when you massaged it enough, it would loosen. It was a truly fascinating discovery when I felt the pressure points loosen while my love was massaging me. For example, I wear boots a lot, I have flat feet, and sometimes I walk a lot with my love because it’s our exercise. Ha, yeah I can wear tennis shoes, but I’m not really a tennis shoes kind of woman. I truly love my boots, but I think that also makes my feet hurt a lot. So one day my love ended up massaging on the side of the foot, you know the area where it curves, and we both felt the knot begin to loosen. That’s when I began to become more curious about the body. He massaged other areas of the body and I discovered more knots on my back. He massaged and it loosen. I wondered if it was only me, but I realized it wasn’t. I saw that my love had the same pressure points that would feel good if you massaged, which is almost the area where a lot of people get the knots also. I also tried massaging my mother’s back at the same pressure points that I massaged my love and where I was massaged by my love. It turned out that she also had the knots there.

Still I don’t think massaging without anything can be enough. I eventually discovered that Vicks can help the knots because Vicks is for pain. I’m sure that there are a lot of stuff that a person can try, but for now I’m really happy massaging with Vicks. Lol, to be honest, I can get really sleepy when I’m massaged, and the knots are loosened because the body is relaxed. It’s a nice feeling. Nevertheless, you can still massage yourself with Vicks if you are single or if your love isn’t around. I still massage myself without my love.

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