Body (Poem)

I slept with several men,

I’m not proud,

I don’t remember the faces of all men,

It doesn’t make me proud,

I was addicted to men.


I was afraid of men,

I zoned some out while having sexual intercourse,

I hated men,

I didn’t always like the sexual intercourse,

I felt I couldn’t live without men.


I liked the attention that some men gave,

I disliked when men wanted me for the wrong reasons,

I accepted what some gave,

I liked them for the wrong reasons,

I shouldn’t have settled for what they gave.


I stayed because I liked their body,

I didn’t always like their personalities,

It was wrong to only like them for their body,

I tried to like their personalities,

In the end I was only able to like their body.


I do apologize for only liking their body,

Still they were all bad boys who only wanted the sex,

So I doubt they care that I only wanted their body,

After all they all left when they were done getting sex,

However, years later I now want a man for his personality and not just his body.

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