Mirror (Poem)

I was told that I wasn’t pretty,

By who?

It was the mirror that said that I wasn’t pretty,

Yes, the mirror was the who,

It was mean of the mirror to say that I wasn’t pretty.


I should’ve broken that mirror,

That would probably mean bad luck,

I won’t satisfy that mirror,

I won’t have bad luck,

How do you like that mirror?


I should just buy another mirror,

I should buy a mirror like the ones in the house in mirrors,

I rather have a funny mirror,

Come here you silly mirrors,

Make me laugh you silly mirror.


Now the mirror is making fun of me,

Hey house of mirror I don’t look like that,

Why are you making fun of me?

Do you really think that I look like that?

House of mirror don’t make fun of me.


I guess it’s better for the mirror to make fun of me,

I’m scared to look at the mirror when the lights are off,

I don’t like when the mirror scares me,

My mind starts saying scary things when the lights are off,

Mirror please stop scaring me,


Who is that in the mirror?

I see someone in the mirror,

Fear causes me to turn on the lights so I can look in the mirror,

Turns out it was me in the mirror,

That was mean of the mirror.


The truth is that you are the voice for the mirror,

The words you say when you look in the mirror,

It isn’t the words of the mirror,

Change the words if you don’t like the mirror,

Maybe then you’ll actually like what you see and hear when you look in the mirror.

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