The right path is ahead,

It shines brightly like a heaven’s door,

My choices blinded me to the right path ahead,

I kept getting closer to the devil’s door,

It was detours to hell that made it hard to get ahead.



The heaven’s door that was worth fighting for was too hard,

The temptation and the easy path called me,

I walked away from the hard path,

I gave into the devil’s door that was calling me,

Now I realized that I should’ve chosen the hard.


The heaven’s door wouldn’t have ever killed my soul,

The detours towards the devil’s door slowly began to kill my soul,

I began to feel like a lost soul,

I began to feel like a lonely soul,

All that was left was a small light belonging to my soul.


Then one day I chose the hard,

I slowly stepped away from the temptation and the easy,

With fear, exhaustion, and doubt I walked towards the hard,

I slowly got stronger as I walked away from the temptation and the easy,

My soul began to slowly shine while walking towards the hard.


The doors ahead aren’t painful,

The doors ahead makes my soul shine brighter and brighter,

I can feel I’m on the right path because it isn’t painful,

I can smile more as I feel my soul shine brighter,

Thus, I’m now thankful I walked away from the detours that were too painful.