You (Poem)

There’s beauty in this world,

Hardships makes it hard to see the beauty,

The tears fall because it’s hard living in this world,

It makes it hard to appreciate beauty,

Some choose not to appreciate because they just want to leave  this world.


Jealous of those who are smiling,

Assuming they have the perfect life that you want,

Never realizing that a perfect life isn’t what has others smiling,

Never realizing that a perfect life isn’t getting what you want,

Thus, some choose to leave this world without really smiling.


Feeling that nobody cares about you,

Your own negative feeling isn’t letting you see that some people do care,

You are the one who doesn’t care about you,

Letting negative feelings take over you is saying you don’t care,

Wanting to leave this world means you don’t care because you gave up on you.


Truthfully, you are the only who can stop you from ending your own life,

You have to be your own reason for wanting to live,

Ask yourself, “Do you really have a good reason to want to end your life?”

Do you have a false assumption that isn’t a good enough reason to not want to live?

Are you sure that there isn’t a solution for the problem (s) in your life?

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