Needed (Poem)

Forgotten when I wasn’t needed,

Remembered when I was needed,

Thus, I cut the ties with those who only remembered me when I was needed,

I rather be forgotten completely and never remembered by those who only look for me when needed,

I won’t ever be there for those who are only nice to me when needed.


Expect me to be there for you?

Don’t expect me to be there for you if you aren’t there for me,

Don’t assume that I won’t expect anything from you,

You are wrong about me,

I expect you to be there for me if I’m there for you.


I’m not someone who won’t expect anything in return if I’m constantly there for you,

I’m not that nice,

Yes, there might be times when I might need you,

Would you be nice?

Or would you make it clear that I can’t count on you?


I won’t ever forget if you choose not to be there when I need you,

I’ll repay you if you are there for me,

I won’t just take from you,

I’ll always remember and repay if you are there for me,

Hence, how I act towards you depends on you.

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