Love In A Better World (Poem)

Let’s walk away from those who are cruel to either of us,

We don’t need cruel people in our life,

Let’s be thankful to those who are nice to us,

We should be thankful that they aren’t giving us a hard life,

Remember love we should protect us.


Love, you and I were meant to be nice to others,

Yet you and I shouldn’t put up with people who aren’t nice to us,

It’s okay if we lose others,

It’s okay if all we have left is us,

Remember love we come first instead of others.


Love in time we’ll help others together,

Thus, we shouldn’t make time for others who want to destroy us,

We shouldn’t make time for those who don’t want to see us together,

We should only make time for those who support us,

It’s those people who’ll we repay together.


After all love, we choose what type of people to let in our world,

It’s our world,

We choose who to take care of in our world,

Let’s make our world a better world,

Thus, we’ll reject those who don’t want a better world and accept those who also want a better world.

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