Having Fun (Poem)

Anxiety is hitting,

Stop it anxiety I don’t want to go home,

Yes, I know you’re going to keep acting like a child with your hitting,

Sorry you aren’t getting your way because I don’t feel like going home,

So I’m going to try to be immune to your hitting.


I’m going to be out and have fun,

I’m going there and there,

Being indoors with you isn’t fun,

So we’re going where I want even if you don’t like it there,

You aren’t going to stop me from having fun.


I’m thankful for your lessons,

Yet I’m so tired of listening to you,

Besides I learned everything I could from your lessons,

Now I’ll try to live without you,

I’ll always remember your lessons.


It’s because of you that I realize the importance of fun,

So let me have fun,

Don’t stop my fun,

I love having fun,

Still I’ll eventually go back home and without you it would be fun.

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