Wall (Poem)

Open your heart,

I’m so afraid,

Please don’t break my heart,

Please help me stop being afraid,

I’m giving you all my heart.


My heart has been broken,

I’m sorry I let others break it,

I did my best to heal it after it got broken,

Please don’t break it,

Don’t let my heart get broken.


I’m breaking my wall,

I’m afraid,

There’s still a small wall,

Help me stop being afraid.

Don’t hurt me when there’s no more wall.


I’m sorry if there are times when I’m back to my old self,

I know I put up the wall,

I become my old cruel self,

Please understand that I know and that I’m working on not putting up that wall,

I’m doing my best to get rid of my old self.


Don’t worry it won’t always be this way,

There would come a time when I’m completely healed,

Please stay and don’t walk away,

You deserve me now and when I’m completely healed,

So let’s stay together forever and not walk away.

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