Die Fighting (Poem)

Go on and hit me,

You’re a fool if you think I’ll just stand there,

I’ll fight back even if it kills me,

You being stronger isn’t enough reason for me to just stand there,

Yes, you’ll see the fighter in me.


Go on and be emotionally abusive,

I might listen to those hurtful words,

Beware if you continue to be abusive,

I can go crazy after hearing so much hurtful words,

The bad switch in me turns on when you continue to be abusive.


Yes, I can be afraid of those who appear stronger,

Yet I zone out when I become afraid,

I stop seeing the person who is stronger,

My body gets ready to fight when I’m afraid,

I get ready to fight even if you’re stronger.


No escape means fighting,

No escape might mean death,

So yes, I’ll fight you when you only give me the option of fighting,

Yes, I’ll fight you if you want my death,

I’ll fight because I rather die fighting.

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