No Money (Poem)

I want money and more money,

I’m so tired of being broke,

I love money,

Life isn’t as fun when broke,

Life is so much fun when I have money.


How should I get more money?

Go  to school and earn a degree?

Stop with the school lies because I have degrees and still have no money,

My degrees feel like a pointless degree,

The degrees just took away my money instead of giving me money.


Oh a job would give me money?

Getting hired isn’t that easy,

That’s like begging for money,

Getting the right job isn’t that easy,

I guess I got to get better at begging for money.


It’s such a pain in the behind that I have to beg for money,

It’s such a pain in the behind that my degrees didn’t give me money,

I wish there was a better way to earn money,

I wish I could start my own business and get lots of money,

Sadly, starting a business also needs money.


So here I am dreaming of money,

A beautiful dream that seems impossible  to achieve,

Ah I don’t want to say goodbye to my dream of money,

Seems like there are many impossible dreams to achieve,

Oh well I guess I’m meant to live a broke life or a life of no money.

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