Peaceful Melody (Poem)

The soul plays a peaceful melody,

Can you hear it?

Can you hear your own melody?

Listen carefully and you might hear it,

Try to find that peaceful melody.


The soul says, “Cry, please cry,”

Your pride says, “I won’t cry,”

You have to choose whether to cry or not cry,

Remember a peaceful melody might not be heard if you don’t cry,

Bottled negative emotions can destroy your melody so go on and cry.


There might be times of anger,

It’s those times when you should also let out a cry,

Don’t hold in your anger,

Go on and cry,

Cry until you can hear your peaceful melody instead of anger.


After all, why do you want to hear sadness and anger?

Isn’t it better to hear a peaceful melody?

Can’t you feel the beauty of your soul when there isn’t sadness or anger?

Come on, listen, and sing that peaceful melody,

Be rid of that sadness and anger.

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