Marriage (Poem)

My love isn’t the number one choice for marriage,

Who is my number one choice for marriage?

I am my number one choice for marriage,

I’m my perfect match for marriage,

Yet my love is also my perfect match for marriage.


Truthfully, I was always my perfect match since I was born,

I was always there for me,

I haven’t ever left me since I was born,

Through the bad and the good I was there for me,

I guess you can say that I was married to me since I was born.


Yes, marriage means finding someone who is there for you in bad and the good,

Yet we also have someone else besides ourselves who we’re meant to marry,

Our soul mates are also the ones who’ll be there for the bad and the good,

Our soul mates are the ones who we’re also meant to marry,

Yes, we have two souls who’ll always be united through the bad and the good.


Still like I said, we were always meant to love ourselves first,

Then we were meant to love our soul mate,

After all, to be able to truly love someone else means learning how to love yourself first,

Then only then would you know how to truly love your soul mate,

A true soul mate would want you to love yourself first.


Yes, a true soul mate wants you to love yourself,

A true soul mate doesn’t want you to put yourself down,

A true soul mate also teaches you how to love yourself,

A true soul mate shows you why you shouldn’t put yourself down,

Most of all, a true soul mate also becomes a reason to love yourself.


So don’t forget yourself in the process of life,

Always love yourself so you can have the marriage with so much love,

Always remember loving you also means a beautiful married life,

Loving you means giving your soul mate the right love,

After all, don’t you think your soul mate and you deserve a beautiful love and married life?


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