Stranger (Poem)

You are a stranger,

It’s uncomfortable explaining to a stranger my reason,

I don’t trust any stranger,

I guess I’m going to let you have the wrong assumption since I won’t explain my reason,

There are some things that I choose not to discuss with a stranger.


In your eyes I might be a bad person,

Perhaps you are correct,

Still you don’t know me well enough to say I’m a good or bad person,

I’m not going to argue with a stranger on whether they aren’t or are correct,

I won’t ever see you again so it doesn’t matter if you think I’m a good or bad person.


In the end, you’ll still be a stranger,

You were a stranger when I first met you,

We didn’t become close enough for me to say that you aren’t a stranger,

You still remained a stranger when I walked away from you,

Thus, in the end I was still a misunderstood stranger.

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