Texas (Poem)

Some say that everything is bigger in Texas,

It makes me feel so small in Texas,

It makes me want to say, “Hello can anyone see this tiny person in Texas?”

Small people get lost in Texas,

I’ve been living here for years and still I get lost in Texas.


I cry when I get lost in Texas,

Sorry to say this, “Texas can be dangerous,”

Still I love Texas,

I love Texas even if some people make it dangerous,

I guess it might be because I was born in Texas.


I like to wear high heels so I can be big in Texas,

Then high heels make my feet feel ouchy,

Do you know how hot it is in Texas?

Not a good idea to take off shoes because outdoor floors makes the feet more ouchy,

Yes, it’s very hot in Texas.


Yes, lots of us Texans become sweaty Texans,

Some are big sweaty Texans,

Some are small sweaty Texans,

Yet most of us are proud sweaty Texans,

Do you want to be part of the sweaty Texans?

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