Saved (Poem)

Once there was innocence,

Once believed in people,

Betrayal slowly destroyed my innocence,

I slowly stopped trusting people,

Hurt by betrayal and deception slowly destroyed my innocence.


I struggled to believe that there were nice people,

Everyone had a bad motive in my eyes,

I started to follow the steps of those that hurt people,

The world became an evil world in my eyes,

Yet guilt consumed me as I hurt people.


I began to pray and ask for help,

I prayed to be saved,

I didn’t stopped hurting people as I prayed and asked for help,

I slowly stopped hurting some people when I began to be saved,

The right people were sent to help.


Yes, I still hurt people,

Yet it isn’t as bad as it was before,

My own hurt can make it hard not to hurt people,

Still I’m not who I was before,

I’m still working on doing my best not to hurt people.


The truth is, I wouldn’t be blessed as I am now if I hadn’t asked to be saved,

I’ll still be walking a bad path if I had somehow manage to stay alive,

Thus, I’m truly thankful that I was saved,

I’m thankful I was slowly taken away from the bad path and that I’m alive,

Maybe one day I’ll be able to save others like I’ve been saved.

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