Bad and Wild (Poem)

He’s holding on to me,

Depression is pulling me,

My dark side is calling me,

If he let’s go I’ll go back to the old me,

Yet it’s getting harder to hold on to me.


There’s a need to go wild,

The good girl in me is losing the battle,

I might dislike myself after going bad and wild,

Yet I’m so depressed that my bad  and wild side is winning the battle,

He’s failing to calm my bad and wild.


All the help signs were there,

Yet it isn’t his job to calm me,

He doesn’t always need to be there,

It’s my job to calm me,

It’s my job to be there.


Yet I don’t want to calm me,

I’m so tired of all this hurt,

I need to let go of all the pain inside of me,

Getting bad and wild feels like the only way to let go of the hurt,

All I can do is say, “leave me or accept me.”

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