Do or Don’t (Poem)

A voice inside my head is saying, “Do it,”

Yes, there’s a voice inside saying to end my life,

Another voice is saying, “Don’t do it,”

The other voice doesn’t want me to end my life,

It’s up to me to decide if I’m going to do it or not do it.


There are people in my life who say they love me,

It’s getting harder to hear the love words with the voices in my head,

I’m just thinking about me,

All I’m caring about is the voices in my head,

A part of me says, “They’ll be okay without me.”


I’ll leave this world and they’ll continue to smile without me,

There’s no doubt in my mind that they can live without me,

That realization somehow hurts me,

Still I wouldn’t want anyone to be sad without me,

I want them to continue to smile without me.


Still these are the same thoughts of many years,

The voice, “Don’t do it” continues to win,

I have continued living for years,

Finding a reason to live has helped “don’t do it” win,

Most of all, I somehow find a way to be thankful for the years.

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