A few days ago I shed tears,

My soul felt out of control,

I couldn’t stop my tears,

I couldn’t get back in control,

Yes, those were past tears.


Today I’m smiling,

Today is another day,

It’s nice not to be crying,

It’s nice to be able to enjoy my day,

Yet I learned that I eventually stop crying and always go back to smiling.


I’m back in control,

I’m back with a peaceful soul,

I also learned that I eventually go back to being in control,

I always go back to a happy soul,

Yes, the past is being out of control.


Yes, I’ve had many rainy days,

I’ve also had many sunny days,

At times I’ve had half rainy and half sunny days,

Yes, those were my past days,

Yet in the end my rainy days made me appreciate my sunny days.