He made me hate my life,

Felt chained and unable to escape,

I wanted to end my life,

I felt death was my only escape,

Death seemed better than life.


Why was I destined to be chained?

He was mistreated in his past,

He too was chained,

Now I’m paying for his past,

It’s a cycle of being chained.


I want to cut the chains,

I don’t want to be like him,

Yet I can’t seem to cut the chains,

I feel I’m sometimes cruel like him,

I’m becoming more like him with these chains.


It’s like you surround your self with toxic and you become toxic,

Yes, it’s a choice,

Yet it isn’t always easy not to become toxic when surrounded with toxic,

Becoming cruel wasn’t ever truly my choice,

I guess all I can do is hope others near me don’t become toxic.