Hard Man To Love (Poem)

You fell in love with him,

You endured so much because of him,

You stayed with him,

It was your choice whether you left or stayed with him,

Yet because of you I have to endured so much pain caused by him.


I have to endure stuff that I don’t want to endure,

I have no choice,

You made the choice for me that I must endure,

I needed you so I have to live with your choice,

All because you chose to endure.


Yes, he’s a hard man to love,

I didn’t even feel his and your love,

I endured without love,

You couldn’t even change him completely with your love,

You became unhappy because he didn’t give you the right love.


Yet it was your choice to stay with someone who didn’t give the right love,

Why did you have to make me pay for your choice?

Your own choice gave me a life of no love,

You even expected me to be nice to someone who made me feel like crap even when he was hard to love,

Truthfully, I would’ve walked away a long time ago if I had a choice.


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