Who I Truly AM (Poem)

Posed nude for the world to see,

Yet never truly completely exposed,

The truth of who I truly was wasn’t something I allowed others to see,

The nudity was a cover up so my truth wouldn’t be exposed,

I felt nobody would truly love me if I allowed others to see.


Anger appeared when others complimented my nude body,

I wanted others to love me for I am,

I didn’t want others to love me just for my body,

Yet I was afraid to let others see who I truly am,

Thus, I mistreated my body.


I allowed others to treat my body like it wasn’t a treasure,

I allowed them just so they wouldn’t see the truth,

I didn’t realize myself my body was a treasure,

All I realized was that I was sometimes afraid of the truth,

My own thoughts allowed others not to treat me like a treasure.


Then one day the truth was discovered,

The truth was in the hands of someone who could use the truth to hurt me,

It became a choice of whether to do what he says or let others also see what was discovered,

For a while I let him “control me,”

I let him control me while I worked on learning to be okay with the truth being discovered.


When I got the strength I stopped letting him control me and I let others see who I truly am,

It became easier to breathe,

I slowly became happier as I let others see who I truly am,

I’m thankful that I’m able to breathe,

Most of all, I’m now thankful that I no longer have to hide who I truly am.

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