Fighting and Demanding a Gentle Lover (Poem)

Falling for a painful lover is destiny,

Staying with a painful lover is a choice,

Staying with a painful lover isn’t destiny,

Don’t lie to yourself and say, “I have no choice,”

Believe that there would be another lover in your destiny.


It’s true that it’s impossible to predict your next lover,

It’s possible you might get another painful lover,

It’s also possible that you might get a gentle lover,

Yet it would continue to be your choice of whether to walk away or stay with the painful lover,

Still I believe that you’ll eventually find a gentle lover if you walk away from the painful lover.


You need to show destiny that you aren’t willing to settle with a painful lover,

You need to stand strong and say, “I deserve a gentle lover,”

You need to keep saying, “Send me a gentle lover or I’ll settle for no lover,”

Fight and demand your gentle lover,

After all, you should fight for a gentle lover and not a painful lover.


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