Treasure (Poem)

Don’t take any part of you for granted,

Notice every part of you,

You might regret it later if you take a part of you for granted,

Love every part of you,

Realize you’ll miss it so you won’t take it for granted.


So go ahead and say, “Hey toes I see you,”

Do you see your toes?

What would you do if your toes weren’t a part of you?

Would you miss your toes?

Do you now see that they’re a part of you?


Hey legs I see you,

Come on legs let’s go for a walk,

Legs what would I do without you?

I’m so thankful that we can go for a walk,

Legs I’m thankful that I have you,


Hey organs how are you today?

Are you working fine today?

I haven’t forgotten you today,

I know that you’re doing an awesome job today,

Thank you for the hard work that you’ve done today.


Hey arms and hands,

Thank you for helping me hold what I want,

I appreciate my arms and hands,

I’m thankful that I can hold what I want,

I’m thankful for my arms and hands.


Yes, body you’re my treasure,

Every part of you is my gold,

I love you my treasure,

I love you my gold,

Yes, I’ll always be thankful that I have you as my treasure.

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