Government (Poem)

I have no health insurance,

I worry about my health,

I can’t afford to see a doctor because I have no insurance,

The government doesn’t care about my health,

The government makes it hard to pay for insurance.


The government gives bills that I can’t afford to pay,

The government stresses me with the bills,

The government doesn’t care that I can’t pay,

All they care about is that I pay the bills,

The government even make some lose everything if they don’t pay.


Some of us only earn minimum wage,

Sometimes the pay isn’t enough to survive,

Yet some of us can only get jobs that pay minimum wage,

The government doesn’t always help those struggling to survive,

Yes, life is harder when unemployed or only getting minimum wage.


That’s the truth that has me saying, “Who cares who wins the elections,”

Presidents are the government,

Presidents lie in elections,

There are lots of liars when it comes to the government,

All that matters is what other hardships we’ll have to endure after elections.

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