Lost Cell Phone (Poem)

Where’s my cell phone?

Panic is hitting me,

Looking everywhere for the phone,

Trying to remember the last time I had the phone with me,

I can’t remember so I call my phone.


I can’t hear the ringing of my phone,

Did I drop my phone at a public place?

Suddenly someone answers my phone,

That’s when I realize it isn’t in my place,

That’s when I realize a stranger has my phone.


I try to remember what personal stuff were in my phone,

I feel hopeless at the thought of a stranger having my phone,

I immediately thought, “This stranger isn’t going to return my phone,”

I thought, “This stranger is going to keep my phone,”

I didn’t want a stranger to keep my phone.


A lot of personal information were in my phone,

I also couldn’t afford another phone,

I felt that there was nothing that I could do about my phone,

Yet my love still asked the stranger, “Is it okay if I can pick up the phone?”

The stranger said, “Yes,” and returned my phone.


Surprised that a stranger would return the phone,

Surprised that the stranger would give the exact location of the phone,

Also thankful that the stranger returned the phone,

The stranger showed me that there are still good people by returning the phone,

I’ll always be thankful that it was a kind stranger who picked up and returned my phone.

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