Speak (Poem)

His tone says, “Shut up don’t speak,”

I stay like a fool,

He always tries to make me feel stupid when I speak,

I still stay like a fool,

His tone says he just wants me to sit, be pretty, and not speak.


His tone says, “I’ll leave you if you speak,”

His threats hurt,

I’m afraid to speak,

The thought of him leaving brings so much hurt,

I feel I have to be careful when I speak.


That was how I felt in the past,

Then one day I got the courage to speak,


He became the past,

I chose to walk away from someone who didn’t want me to speak,

Now I’m no longer the person I used to be in the past.


I say what I feel and think,

He’s still trying to control the way a woman speaks,

I’m happy because I can say what I feel and think,

Now I look back and think, “Why did I even listen to a man who controls the way a woman speaks?”

It’s not worth being with a man who doesn’t let you say what you feel and think.

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