A step forward,


Believing a little and then stopping myself from moving forward,

Doubt takes over and so does the hesitation,

Been disappointed in life that it stops me from believing completely as I move forward.


It’s difficult to believe in the good completely,

I keep thinking that one day I’ll hear the bad news,

Part of me still feels it can all shatter completely,

It’s hard to believe that I’ll always have good news,

I can’t believe in anything or anyone completely.


Still doubting doesn’t prepare me for the bad news,

Doubting won’t ever make the bad news okay,

It will still break me if I hear bad news,

Bad news doesn’t make me feel okay,

So why do I keep thinking about the bad news?


Why can’t I enjoy the good while it lasts?

I guess I’m just silly,

I prefer to focus on the what if instead of the good while it lasts,

I guess I let my past disappointment turn me silly,

Yes, I’m just a silly person who doesn’t always realize that it’s more important to cherish the good while it lasts.