The bed is cold tonight,

It’s hard to sleep,

I’m wondering who you’re with tonight,

The tears are falling as I try to sleep,

How many more nights I’m I going to cry like tonight?


You come home acting like nothing happened,

I watch you while I pretend to sleep,

It’s hard to pretend like nothing happened,

I don’t want to show my tears so I keep pretending to sleep,

Days and nights go by while I pretend like nothing happened.


Still the signs of another woman never goes away,

The words who is she don’t come out from my mouth,

Deep down I know I have to walk away,

I don’t want to hear about her from your mouth,

Instead I follow the signs before walking away.


Instead I cry alone as I finally discover who you’ve been sleeping with,

Still you pretend like you have never been cheating,

You put the blame on me for our failed relationship instead of the one you’ve been sleeping with,

You put the blame on me when you’ve been the only one cheating,

Thus, in the end I chose to walk away and you chose to go to the one you’ve been sleeping with.