Wedding Day (Poem)

It’s finally the wedding day,

A dream about to come true,

I’ve been waiting for years for this day,

Yes, this is true,

Every day I wished, prayed, and begged for this day.


Yet part of me is afraid,

Perhaps it’s a fear of the unknown,

Perhaps is the unknown that makes me afraid,

I guess I need to learn how to embrace the unknown,

Perhaps embracing the unknown will help me stop being afraid.


Will anything change when I’m married?

Will I enjoy being married?

Will I continue to be loved after we’re married?

Will he still continue to be the man I love after we’re married?

Will either of us change once we’re married?


I’ve seen many relationships fail once they get married,

I don’t want to be another divorce couple,

Yet I also don’t want to stay in a bad marriage just to stay married,

I guess it’s up to both of us to decide whether we want to be an unhappy or happy couple,

It’s up to us to decide whether we want to be happily married.

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