Protect You (Poem)

He’s my love,

Be careful what you say about him when you’re around me,

My anger is difficult to control when I dislike how you treat my love,

I’ll zone everything around me,

It becomes all about you and me when you hurt my love.


Hurting you is all I can think about as I replay how you treated my love,

Should I punch you?

It’s hard to let it go because nobody has the right to hurt my love,

Should I yank your hair?

How dare you hurt my love!


My love tells me to calm down,

I want to yell and say, “Let me go! I have to hurt this person for hurting you!”

He always does his best to calm me down,

No, love I won’t ever be okay with someone hurting you,

That’s why it’s so hard to calm down.


It’s the love that I have for you,

The love that makes me feel protective when it comes to you,

That’s the feeling that comes from truly loving you,

Yes, I love you,

Thus, deep down I know that I’ll do everything to protect you.

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