Prison (Poem)

Punished by the panic attacks,

Jailed by the panic attacks inside my room,

I couldn’t escape the panic attacks,

I couldn’t escape my room,

My life was my room and my panic attacks.


I had visitors who visited my prison,

Yet nobody wanted to live with me inside my prison,

They all left me alone in my prison,

They were able to walk away from the prison,

I kept crying because I couldn’t escape my prison.


I communicated with people online,

Yet I felt so lonely with only being able to communicate online,

The loneliness didn’t go away even if I was popular online,

Eventually I stop talking to the people from online,

In the end, I realized it was better to be alone then to talk to people from online.


Thus, I stayed alone in my own prison,

Embracing the loneliness,

Figuring out how to escape the prison,

Figuring out how to overcome the panic attacks that caused the loneliness,

Eventually a miracle happened that helped me escape my panic attacks and my prison.

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