Loving Myself (Poem)

Loving myself hasn’t been easy,

There were times when I didn’t like my image,

Yet he makes it look like loving me is easy,

I can see it in his eyes that he likes my image,

Why don’t I want to make loving myself easy?


Why do I have to put myself down?

Why can’t I love every part of me?

Perhaps I love putting myself down,

Perhaps I don’t want to love me,

Perhaps I’m so used to putting myself down.


Do I really want to love myself?

Maybe I don’t think that I’m worthy of my own love,

It has always been my choice whether I want to or don’t want to love myself,

It has always been up to me to decide if I’m worthy of my love,

I have to choose to love myself.


It’s truly silly that someone chooses to love me,

Yet I choose not to love me,

No, I can’t let him be the only one who loves me,

I must also love me,

I must give and learn how to accept all the love that is given to me.

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