We’re All Beautiful (Poem)


Come on woman,

It’s time to show the men that we’re all beautiful,

There’s no such thing as an ugly woman,

Let’s only listen to the men who call us beautiful,

Let’s all ignore the blind fools who call us an ugly woman.


Let’s all give thanks to the men who can see our beauty,

These are the men who can appreciate our hard work,

All the things we have to do for beauty,

Being beautiful is hard work,

Those are the type of men who deserve us because they see our beauty.


All the time we spend trying on clothes,

Trying this and that just so we can show that we’re beautiful,

No, it isn’t only clothes,

Some of us spend hours putting on makeup just to show that we’re beautiful,

It’s an obsession with being beautiful that makes us determined¬†to find the perfect makeup and perfect clothes.


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