How to Breathe (Poem)

Anxiety hits me,

I go into the arms of my love,

His embrace calms me,

I feel his true love,

He’s truly good to me.


I press my nose on his body,

I start to breathe better,

I feel the comfort of his body,

It’s also the love that makes me feel better,

It’s also the calmness in his body.


There are times when I try to match his breathing,

This sometimes help,

Either option helps with my breathing,

I’m so thankful that he’s always there to help,

Yes, it’s okay to ask someone to help you with your breathing.


You see it’s like forgetting how to breathe,

Breathing isn’t always an easy task for the anxious person,

That’s why they sometimes need someone to teach them how to breathe,

All they need is a patient person,

It’s that person that can truly help an anxious person how to breathe.

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