Pretty Belief (Poem)

A photograph lied and said, “You aren’t pretty,”

It broke my heart,

I wanted to cry because I didn’t feel pretty,

Not liking how I looked broke my heart,

My love said I’m pretty.


I was too depressed to believe my love,

I was silent while I tried to figure out how to feel pretty,

I couldn’t overcome my depression with the words of my love,

I had to convince myself that I was pretty,

Only then could I believe my love.


He watched me and waited for me,

He was patient while I struggled to analyze my belief,

I took a picture of me,

I took a different picture so I could stop the “I’m not pretty” belief,

Then I took a video of me.


The new pictures of me,

The new videos of me,

Changing the words that I had about me,

It all started to help me change the belief that I had of me,

I stopped hearing my own negative words of me.


I started to see that I was pretty,

I started to believe my love,

I became thankful that my love waited patiently until I felt pretty,

I saw once again how blessed I am to have my love,

I am truly thankful that my love and I were eventually able to show that I am pretty.

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