Challenge (Poem)

I’ve been afraid for years,

Yet I didn’t let fear stop me,

I slowly kept rising throughout the years,

I kept working hard for what was best for me,

It makes me proud to look back and see how hard I worked throughout the years.


I am still afraid,

Yet I’m not afraid like I used to be,

The many obstacles that I overcame made me less afraid,

I’m so proud that I’m not where I used to be,

I’m so thankful that I’m less afraid.


Yes, it was a challenge,

One question was, “Do I want to settle here?”

Another questions was, “Do I want to take the challenge?”

I chose not to settle here,

I took the challenge.


Perhaps in a way I enjoyed the challenge,

There’s something within me that doesn’t want me to settle,

I ask myself, “What kind of life will I have without a challenge?”

It feels like a boring life if I settle,

Thus, for now I’ll keep taking the challenge.


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