Rejection (Poem)

Failed to be accepted,

Who I am now isn’t who they wanted,

It’s a fact that I won’t always be accepted,

It saddens me that I’m not who they wanted,

It saddens me not to be accepted.


Rejection of any kind can break the heart,

Yet I don’t want to change who I am,

All I can do is to find a way to heal my heart,

This is who I am,

For now the current me must deal with the broken heart.


It’s a chapter that I must learn how to close,

It’s a dream that I must learn to let go,

Yet my stubbornness doesn’t want it to close,

My stubbornness doesn’t want to let go,

It is I that keeps bringing the pain by not letting it go and not letting it close.


Still I’ll eventually close the dream and chapter that ended with the rejection,

Life keeps on moving,

I have always found a way to move on from a rejection,

I have always kept on moving,

Perhaps one day I’ll look back and be thankful for the rejection.

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