The Loner in Christmas (Poem)

Other’s are complaining that they didn’t get the Christmas gift that they wanted,

You are spending time alone on Christmas day,

All you want is someone to spend time with because that’s all you ever wanted,

Yet it’s another lonely Christmas day,

It makes you feel like you aren’t wanted.


There are other’s smiling and laughing with their family and friends,

You are spending your Christmas day crying,

Christmas day becomes hard without family or friends,

It’s hard not to spend Christmas day crying,

You try to convince yourself that you’re okay without family or friends.


Yes, it makes the lonely cry on Christmas day,

Yet what’s so amazing is that you continue to survive a Christmas day alone,

It’s a strength day,

It’s a day when you become more stronger for spending time alone,

You, the loner, are truly amazing and strong for surviving Christmas day.

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