You lied and tried to make him look bad,

You won because you have more power than him,

Yet one day he’ll be the one who’ll make you look bad,

He’ll make you regret that you didn’t hold on to him,

Until then I’ll help him do everything he can to become a success so he can make you look bad.


He’ll shine brightly and you won’t ever be able to stop him,

The power that he’ll eventually gain won’t let your power stop him,

Don’t assume that blocking him now is going to destroy him,

He hasn’t let your power destroy him,

We’ll work together to prove the world that you lied about him.


No, it isn’t about revenge,

It’s about proving the fact,

We don’t ever plan on getting revenge,

We just want your lies to be proven wrong with a fact,

Proving the fact will always be better than revenge.