You Chose Him (Poem)

You married him,

He brought you hurt,

Yet you could’ve walked away from him,

You didn’t have to endure the hurt,

It was your choice to stay with him.


I was born because you chose him,

I also had to endure hurt,

Yet I couldn’t walk away from him,

The only choice I had was to endure the hurt,

All because you chose him.


He’ll always be a part of me,

I’m his daughter,

Yet you get angry at me,

You get angry for the choice you made when I didn’t even choose to be his daughter,

You were the one who made the choice for me.


The truth is, you can still walk away from him,

You can walk away whenever you choose,

Still you keep staying with him,

Yet I keep getting hurt because you are unhappy for what you choose,

That’s why I wish that you’ll learn how to be happy with him if you’re going to keep staying with him.

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