Marriage and Friend (Poem)

Marriage was never for me,

I didn’t want to deal with a man,

It always had to be about me,

I didn’t like being told what to do and not do by a man,

In the end, I always chose me.


Then I chose marriage,

There’s love,

Yet there’s no such thing as an easy marriage,

You have to work hard on love,

You have to work hard on marriage.


There are times when it makes you wish for a married girl friend,

A friend who understands the married life,

Yes, even when married you sometimes need your friend,

Yet there are times when married life makes other’s assume that you don’t need anyone else in your life,

When in reality there are times when you want to go out with a girl friend.


You see you can’t always give all your time to your friend,

Marriage comes first,

That isn’t always easy for a friend,

Thus, you sometimes lose a friend when you choose marriage first,

That’s why some end up with their love as their only friend.

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