Teenage Friendship (Poem)

We met when we were teenagers,

We talked about boys,

We got along better as teenagers,

Then we got changed by boys,

Our life changed after we stopped being teenagers.


You became a mother,

I didn’t have any kids,

I couldn’t understand how it was to be a mother,

There were times when I didn’t like kids,

Yet you enjoyed being a mother.


Then you got married,

I couldn’t understand how it felt to have a husband,

You stopped understanding the single life after you got married,

Then I got a husband,

I now understand how it feels to be married.


Yet I now see that we won’t ever understand each other,

You see, you and I became different after we stopped being teenagers,

Even our married life is different that it shows how different we are from each other,

Thus, our true friendship ended when we stopped being teenagers,

Afterwards, being different made us not good for each other.

2 thoughts on “Teenage Friendship (Poem)

  1. The pain you express in this poem displays truth.
    Not only about girls, as a young adult currently 18 years old I can say that boys are the same.
    We talk about ‘bromance’ and all things like that but in reality, all my friends seem to be moving on in their lives and getting into girls and spending more time with their girlfriends.
    All they care about is girls. So, maybe it is just a part of being a grown up? Maybe, people just change and maybe because they want to move ahead and do not want to look back. I think as everyone else, we all have to move on at some stage.


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