The Nights (Poem)

The nights of crying,

The nights of craving a drug,

The nights where I contemplated dying,

He kept making me want to turn to a drug,

He kept making me choose dying.


He didn’t try to stop the tears from falling,

He didn’t care how many nights I spent crying,

I was to blame for falling,

Never giving him a chance would’ve meant not crying,

Yet I was so desperate for love that I ended up falling.


Those were truly painful times,

I was bringing so much pain to my precious heart,

I was getting a lot of panic and anxiety during those times,

All because I didn’t cherish my precious heart,

All because I chose to endure those times.


Thankfully, fate released us,

With the release came a healing,

A healing that showed me the lessons I needed to learn from us,

A truly needed healing,

A healing that helped let go of the negative emotions attached to the memories of us.

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