Unworthy Man (Poem)

There are some women who are good at flirting,

There’s no stopping him if he wants to leave,

Yes, there are women who can capture his attention with flirting,

Yet he won’t leave unless he wants to leave,

He won’t let another woman flirt if he isn’t interested in the woman flirting.


A man has to truly love you,

If he truly loves you he won’t leave you for another,

If he leaves it means he didn’t truly love you,

You should be grateful if he leaves you for another,

You deserve someone who truly loves you.


Yes, it can anger a woman when another flirts with their man,

It can anger a woman when that man leaves for another woman,

Yet in time you’ll be grateful because you’ll see that you deserve a better man,

You deserve a man who won’t leave you for another woman,

Thus, don’t cry for that unworthy man.

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