Misunderstood because of the way I talk,

My love says to choose better words,

I say, “This is how I talk,”

I’m sometimes viewed badly because of my chosen words,

Yet I like the way I talk.


I just wish I wouldn’t be seen badly for my chosen words,

I wish people would truly understand what I mean,

I wish people wouldn’t think I’m a bad person for my chosen words,

Yet deep inside I know that those who truly know me will understand what I mean,

Those who don’t will fail to understand my words.


Truthfully, there are times when it feels that my love is the only one who understands me,

To be understood by one is amazing,

I feel thankful that at least one person understands me,

Yes, misunderstood by thousands but understood by one is amazing,

Thus, it’s okay if other’s don’t understand me.