The bed was lonely,

He slept next to me,

Yet it was always lonely,

It was like he wasn’t sleeping next to me,

He always made me more lonely.


Our conversations didn’t help the lonely,

He didn’t let me get close,

Our conversations didn’t take away the lonely,

I didn’t let him get close,

I guess it’s not being understood that made me lonely.


We only seemed to get along when we had sex,

Still it didn’t take away the lonely,

Sometimes I felt more lonely after sex,

Perhaps it’s because it was only about sex that it made me feel lonely,

There were times when I truly hated sex.


Thankfully, the lonely went away,

The lonely went away when he went away,

The hatred for sex went away when he went away,

It went away because the right love entered when he went away,

It’s a true love that makes the lonely go away.