A Job That Takes Advantage (Poem)

I’m exhausted,

You don’t give me a break,

You don’t care that I’m exhausted,

You don’t approve of a break,

Yet I can’t leave a job that makes me exhausted.


Nobody else wants to hire me,

That’s why I’m putting up with a job that makes we work six days,

It’s a job that doesn’t even care about me,

I’m so tired of having to work without a break during those six days,

Now you’re talking about firing me.


You want to fire me because I take breaks,

One day you’re saying that I’m doing great,

The next you’re adding more work without breaks,

Now you’re saying I’m not doing great,

All because you want me to do more work without breaks.


Truthfully, I wish I could walk away from a job that takes advantage of me,

Yet I’m so desperate for the job,

I’m hating that I have to let you take advantage of me,

All because I need this job,

Yet all I can do is hope, wish, and pray for me to get hired at a company that doesn’t take advantage of me.

2 thoughts on “A Job That Takes Advantage (Poem)

  1. I see the pain in that. Once, I watched a Youtuber who said live a minimalist lifestyle and save some “fuck you” money. So, if they take advantage of you, you can say “fuck yourself, I got fuck you money.” Save up and look somewhere else. You can’t let this mean world destroy your soul.


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