Government Money (Poem)

Some choose not to work just so the government supports them,

The government has never helped me,

The government keeps helping them,

They keep making it harder for me,

All the money that I earned wasn’t because of them.


They didn’t help me when I ended up with an illness,

It makes me angry that those who are able to work are getting help,

Yet the government doesn’t always help those with an illness,

Still I’m glad that I didn’t get the help,

I’m glad because I can stand proud and say, “I was able to find a job with an illness.”


Yes, I got jobs that took advantage of me,

Yes, I got pay a small amount,

Yet I couldn’t rely on the government to help me,

So I’ve been putting up with jobs that pay a small amount,

After all, in the end I can only rely on me.

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